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From the desk of Raymond Aaron...

My good friend JT Foxx and his 9-figure coach, Coach Meir, have created the Success Economic Model. The Success Model is 100% Guaranteed to help you grow your business. How do they do this? See below..

This is definitely like no other event you have ever been to before. Through an in-depth evaluation, Coach Meir will sit down with you and pin point what is holding you back from accomplishing your goals in business and life.

Breaking News: Your Success Can now be 100% GUARANTEED

Success Economics Tour: Guarantee My Success Formula

How Does One
Measure Success?

Facts are something you can prove in the physical universe and opinions are something that may or may not exist. Most people manage success by opinions that have been derived by the following thinking.

According to the notion ingrained by schools and our parents, success primarily is reliant on human capital... meaning the harder you work the luckier you get and thus, the more we will earn. Get a job, save for a home, pay it off, and live off the equity of your home for retirement and maybe invest in stocks. How is that theory working out? Stock and real estate market crashes... depreciating home values for some... wiped out retirement saving accounts for others. It seems rather that every 5-6 years, we take 3 steps back before taking one forward.

This way of thinking is simply false, but also grossly misleading. If that was the case, someone who works 100 hours a week should be way more successful then someone who works 20 hours a week. What if I could PROVE to you that I can earn more working 15 minutes a week than someone can who earns $40,000 and works 1,500 hours a year!!!

Success is in the eye of the beholder. It means different things to different people. But one thing is certain: most decisions about success are NOT based on feelings, gut reactions and the words "I think" or "feel." If you are not earning your worth at this stage in your life, that's probably one of the reasons. Doing more of what you are doing isn't going to get you farther in life.

Do you want to know a dark insider secret that some the world's most successful entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and hedge fund managers don't want you to know when it comes to success? They are super successful because they operate their business on the basis of facts, numbers, and statistics. They don't guess, or go on gut feelings, or hunches. Everything is calculated and every decision is predictable and they simply can't fail. No one has been able to figure out their model and the exact science behind it until now.

DO THE MATH... Are You Earning Your Worth?

Here is a very simple formula. Write down what you think you are worth, not what you earning now. Take that number and multiply it by 200 (hours per month you work) and that is what you should be making... Chances are you are not. But don't worry we will tell you exactly what you need to do and take all the guessing out of becoming successful.

Definition of Success Economics

The definition of Success Economics is the search for strategic knowledge about success.

Success Economics is concerned with both the current and past value of an entrepreneur while attempting to predict the future likelihood of success. This not only will be a vital tool for entrepreneurs to predict, track, and improve upon their success but it will also be a great tool for wealthy entrepreneurs who are looking to partner with individuals to track future performance. This also will measure the exact performance enhancement to earn more and work less ratio.

The "Guarantee My Success Evaluation Model" Answers the Questions About Success.

  1. Why is person X wealthy?
  2. Why is person X broke?
  3. Why does person X keep failing?
  4. Why isn't person X not earning his worth?
  5. What is the single action person X is doing that is producing the most revenue?
  6. What about person X is preventing him from making more revenue?
  7. What is the likelihood person X will succeed the way he is now?
  8. What does person X need to do to change his course and steer towards success certainty?

The Guarantee your Success Formula cannot deal with subjective hypotheticals like "he or she got lucky," "he or she is a hard worker," or "it's because they have money". Once the evaluation is taken and all the data is collected, a tentative conclusion is provided on the basis of individual studies. Wouldn't you want to know what your chances of success were and how close or far you are from it and from this moment do the right thing every single time?

MoneyBall Changed Baseball
Now it will Change The Way We Do Business.

It really doesnt matter if you know anything about baseball or believe it is irrelevant. I have always asked myself how is it that a small market cap team like the Oakland A's, with a payroll of $40 million, could eliminate the New York Yankees with a payroll of $120 million. Logically it doesnt make sense. My Monday morning quarterback analysis was the same as many. The Oakland A's beat the Yankees because of:

1) Teamwork
2) Excellent Management
3) Luck
4) Right Time, Right Place
5) The Yankees didn't have it this year...

Blah Blah Blah... Notice that none of these are based on facts, numbers, or statistics. They are simply just vague assertions and speculation. When Michael Lewis wrote the book MoneyBall, followed by the movie with Brad Pitt, the secret mystery was out on one of the most mind-numbing answers of all time. Billy Beane, General Manager of the Oakland A's revealed in the book, that they weren't evaluating players on scouts advice, gut feelings, or home runs and hits. They were looking at statistics that no one seemed to care about, like on-base percentage, number of walks, and runs scored. The second that the explanation was revealed in the movie, multi-millionaires looked at each other and said "We need to do the same for success".

Success Economics Mathematical Formula is Born: How it Works.

JT Foxx, serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, and widely known as one of the world's top business and real estate strategist and Coach Meir, multi-millionaire and computer programmer engineer. Together.. they combined their efforts to create a mathematical statistical model that could predict the exact likelihood of success by using the micro-economics concept of opportunity cost to make decisions. Success Economical Mathematical Success Model measures:

1) The competitive balance in your market and the role of consumer/investor preference.
2) Ruthless efficiency and time management to track individual performance
3) Number of events you attend vs. speed of implementation of applied knowledge
4) The percentage improvements of under valued skills
5) The number of hours spent solely dedicated to strategic thinking
6) Number of calls made each week vs. number of follow-ups vs. number of call-backs
7) Number of networking events attended vs. number of contacts vs. number of conversations
8) Percent of marketing dollars spent as it relates to revenue
9) Percent of savings accumulated in relation to success

*** And another 91 criterion, which are used to measure success.

Are You Closer or Further from Achieving Your Financial Goals?

Every move you make from here on out is vital. Success often is based on a number of alternatives, every choice you make good or bad denotes an alternative. Each of these alternatives increases or decreases the probability of success. Start making the right move and start using the Success Economics: Predict My Success Model as a guide to success.

Come to a 2 Day Workshop:
No Fluff, No Sell-A-Thon,
Only the Right  Information Given

After you have taken the evaluation (or wait until the event), we invite you to a private workshop where the 2 masterminds of the Success Economics: Predict My Success Model, multi-millionaires JT Foxx and Coach Meir, will be able to statistically graph each of your results and teach you how to create the Perfect Business Model based on the evaluation findings. No one ever has taught in this format or built a workshop around the needs of attendees. Most workshops are built around generic information that the presenter hopes will apply to everyone.

Who are responsible for your success during these days: The Founders

JT Foxx

At the age of 33, JT Foxx is regarded by many people as a genius when it comes to business and real estate strategy. JT Foxx is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, philanthropist, and is known as one of the world's top coaches and speakers in business and wealth. His business model is simple: he is empowered by his client's success. He came to this country 7 years ago with $974 to his name. JT Foxx also is the host of a No. 1 weekend radio show heard all across the US and Canada.

Coach Meir

Coach Meir owns 24 companies in 27 countries and is known as a business operational master. He runs all his businesses with numbers, facts, and statistics rather than feelings and emotions. He is taking a break from the day-to-day operation of his businesses to go on this tour and teach along with JT Foxx their new Success Economics concepts. He is also JT Foxx's 9-figure coach.


Most seminars and events you go to focus on a long list of what they will teach you. We, on the other hand, want to focus on the results you will be getting. We are not sure what we will teach you because we are building this class on the results of the Success Economics: Predict my Success Evaluations. We won't give you what we want; we will deliver EXACTLY what you need.

Result #1:
You will leave with an exact idea of what your perfect business model according to your results on the "Predict My Success Evaluation."

Result #2:
More free time to focus on what you're good at and less time working on the minutia of things.

Result #3:
More time to spend with your loved ones

Result #4:
More predictability in every action you do in your business, such as leads, clients, deals, and income. Everything from now on will be measured.

Result #5:
More consistency in your life and business. Probably right now you are all over the place. You are not sure what's working and what's not. The income is all over the place each month. Developing a consistent business with arrows going up in the green, rather than living in the red, is probably going to make you sleep better at night.

Result #6:
More sustainability in your business. With building a perfect business model, whatever your business is or want it to be (service, product, real estate), it will be profitable from day one and will run for many years to come and most importantly run without you there.

Result #7:
As the founder, you should always be in the future, your CEO or right-hand person is in the present and your employees or soon-to-be are always in the past. Your job is to build relationships, grow the brand, and come up with the ideas. A problem is that most entrepreneurs are stuck working in their business rather than on it. After the 2-day workshop, your life and business will never be the same if you follow the advice we give you ... we guarantee you.

Result #8:
More confidence: One of the things the "Predict My Success Model" takes into account is the level of fear many people have. Passion is something you can't put inside someone and you can't take out. You either have it or you don't. Although many times that passion is extinguished by the weight of our own fear. Success Economics takes the fear out because it tells what you need to do based on facts, numbers, and statistics not "what if." It doesn't matter if the market is up or down, you can make money in all markets as long as your numbers are good. Short-term market corrections are simply a distraction toward the long-term prosperity to your business. That is how Warren Buffet operates, and $55 billion later, I think he is a voice of authority we can respect.

Result #9:
Entrepreneurs don't like to be told what to do; yet the biggest problem many of us have is that we are not accountable to anyone. JT and Meir fully intend to make you accountable by holding themselves accountable. Their policy is simple: if you don't succeed, IT'S THEIR FAULT. Bold statement but true, how can you be accountable if the people training you are do not accept responsibility?

Result #10:
Many people who embark on entrepreneurial or real estate investing ventures often don't have the support of their spouse and family. At the completion of the 2-day workshop you will have complete support from them because with numbers, facts, and statistics you will be able to show them the results of what you will be doing, rather than hypotheticals. This seminar is different as an excuse of why you should move forward.

Result #11:
Lack of funds will never be an excuse again as to why you can't start, grow, expand, or invest in business or real estate. We will teach you the necessary skills to influence, persuade, and interest people in investing or doing business with you. There is one successful characteristic of some of the world's most successful people and it is taken into account in the Success Economics: Predict My Success Model. It is that most people start with little or no money. We suggest you should never use any of your own money.

Result #12:
Life is not measured by how much you make but rather how many lives you change. With Success Economics, you will be able to start building and creating the legacy you want to leave for your kids and this planet. Because with the Perfect Business Model you will be able to focus more on what you love, helping others, and letting the business take off itself.

Result #13:
You will get to see what Perfect Organizational charts looks like with all 7 divisions you need and whether you have one person in your company or 150, every action and every decision has its appropriate place in the Perfect Organizational Chart. No one ever has broken down business in this manner and you we guarantee your jaw will drop to the floor when you see the simplicity. We are interested in teaching you things, we are interested in showing you results, and showing you this will definitely give you a leg up. It's 9 feet tall in case you're wondering and it is simply a wonder to look at it because it works and it has $$$ signs written all over the opportunity.

Result #14:
You are not sure what you want to do: real estate, business, consulting, product service, or an idea not fully developed. Not a problem ... after these two days you will have the perfect idea combined with the Perfect Business Model based on your evaluation of the Predict My Success. Your idea can be designed around your score and where you want to go.

Result #15:
Are you procrastinator? If you are, it's probably that you wake up in the morning wanting to be more successful but you are not sure how and you are stuck browsing the Internet, checking your email, or waiting for things to come to you. You no longer will have that problem after the workshop. Furthermore, with the Predict my Success Evaluation you will be able to know with certainty the cause of your procrastination.

Result #16:
People attend a lot of seminars, read a lot of books, and are always taken in 5,000 directions. Success Economics gives you laser focus because it identifies through statistics, numbers, and facts about where you should spend more of your time and get rid of all your other roadblocks. As the founder, you are in the future and learn to remove any activities that are taking away your focus from doing what is going to yield maximum results. The evaluation will do that for you. Don't worry, we will just put all the pieces together.

Result #17:
You will have real control over your business. Control = Income. You will control your income and predict your income.

Result #18:
You will get more organized and your efforts will give you more free time.

Result #19:
You will be able to increase the delivery speed of any product or service you have because you will be a much more efficient business.

Result #20:
You will be able to correct your business and life with real facts, numbers, and statistics. We will be able to find the real core of the problem of why you are not earning your worth and how to auto-correct right there at the workshop.

What's the Cost vs. How Much it Will
Cost You By Not Being There.

We are not interested in having you pay us, and if we did we wouldn't open it up this wide to the public. What we are offering is easily a $5,000 workshop. We don't want that. The only thing we ask is that you make a donation of your choice to one or both of the following two charities we support. While you are spending two days learning where we are predicting your success, there are sick children all over the world who cannot predict the condition of their health. You can have all the money in the world, but if you don't have good health having a mathematical model cannot help you. Invest in the greatest investment you will ever invest in, yourself, but in the process help those in need. Bottom line is you are learning and helping sick kids in the process, it's the best of both worlds. Don't worry how much things cost you, rather focus on how much things will make you.

Charities we Support on this Tour

Virgin Unite: I met Sir Richard Branson several times, including a few weeks ago in South Africa, and I was inspired by his drive, his ambition, and his zest for life and for helping others. That's why I'd like to help Richard's Virgin Unite organization continue its mission of creating change by using business as a force for good in the world. Learn more at http://www.virginunite.com.

Urben Zen: I meet Donna Karan (DKNY) in NY about a month ago and I was honored she was coming to Mega Partnering VII. But more importantly, I was touched by her life's mission and charity, the Urban Zen Foundation. It creates, connects, and collaborates to raise awareness and inspire change in the areas of well-being, preserving cultures, and empowering children in mind, body, and spirit. Urban Zen designs, forums, partners with existing organizations, and brings together experts to define solutions and implement solutions.

Please Help us Help More People
We need your help.

The more people who take the test, the more data we will have and we will be able to give you and others more accurate predictive results. Furthermore, by telling them to attend the workshop, you will also help them in their lives and business as well. Once they also reach their peak potential they desire, they will always thank you for sending that email or phone call about this workshop. You will also have an impact on getting the economy back on track, as it is more fragile than ever. Click on the links below, Facebook, Twitter, email, and call people you know.

Do you want Proof Success Economics Works?

JT Foxx is one of the top speakers in the world right now ... speaking, coaching, investing, strategizing, and helping entrepreneurs all over the world (USA, Canada, China, UK, South Africa, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, Europe). Coach Meir is a multi-millionaire who has made hundreds of millions and who solely teaches others for the pleasure of giving back. Most gurus say that also, but if they stop speaking they stop earning. Meir could have retired at the age of 33 when he sold his company for over $100 million.

But don't just listen to what they say, read the proof below from the many successful entrepreneurs and real estate investors they have created.

Proof #1: Focus is a by-product of Vision

I was completely blown away after spending three days in this event. I really enjoyed JT Foxx's intellect, his strategic planning, and his brand awareness. What I would take away form this is that focus is by product of vision. I really enjoyed this weekend.
~Clement Gaskin, San Diego CA

Proof #2: WOW WOW WOW Meir

While I have been managing our personal and business finances for more years than I would like to acknowledge (38 years!), I have never been exposed to such simple, sound, and executable financial principles.
~W.Vito Montone, Managing Partner & Head of Content

Proof #3: Throw out the Box?? BLEW MY EXPECTATIONS!

I had my expectation for the event. However, the event was much more than I had imagined. Talk about more value for the dollar - I got it!! My dark cloud has disappeared and the light shines brightly.
~Dorthy Glass, Topeka KS

Proof #4: Simply Transformational Content
and It Works!

The biggest WOWs and ahas for me cannot be summed up in a single sentence; there were simply too many. The first aha was how by focusing my attention and confronting the problem; when the problem can be totally confronted, it no longer exists!! Totally miraculous and strange, but it works. The idea of seriousness = heaviness felt so obviously true and reminded me of growing up and being frustrated with adults on this idea (particularly my corporate lawyer father). A huge wow is how anything with which you can FULLY COMMUNICATE cannot trouble you. This is metaphysically fascinating; just by focusing on true communication, I can absorb the real why and be okay with it.
~Leyland Taylor

Proof #5: Lifelong student

I have been to the class before and 80% of the class was new! JT Foxx is ever evolving. I've done everything that I'm capable of to align myself with JT and I can't wait until I'm capable of upgrading. I adore you for not "selling" me! As a result I am sold for life!
~Darlene Hayes

Proof #6: Time to Change My Business Forever--

First of all, my head is bowed to you for your greatness! Thank you for your kindness and for imparting your knowledge of success to us. With this new and powerful information, my head (brain) is still spinning right now as I am writing this. I learned a lot for the past 3 days and can't wait to learn more from you soon. I will apply this new found knowledge toward my life and business.
Here are some key points that I remember to stand out in my notes:

To succeed you must:
Believe there is a solution, improve your knowledge, need to have a target, manage by statistics, organize, plan, strategize, be in control, not an effect, implement fast on what you learn, in the future thinking -never make people wrong!
I love learning from you
~Erica Lim

In the end, the choices we make determine the reality of our outcome. If you are too busy to come to this 2-day workshop, you probably will never improve your results. Remember, broke people are always so busy with their time, while successful people are productive with their time. The choices you make determine the reality of your outcome. For the first time in history, two men have broken down Success into a model so that you can finally pinpoint your exact likelyhood of success and what exactly you need to do to alter its course.

Success Economics: Predict My Success is a ground breaking, proven concept, that significantly will improve the lives of so many entrepreneurs and investors desperately seeking to take their life and business to the next level. But nothing will happen unless you take action. If you are busy change your plans, make time, do whatever it takes because we only have one shot at life. Most people simply exist, they don't get to live. Money doesn't bring happiness, but it does bring freedom. The ability to do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want, that's freedom. It also gives you the opportunity to create significance and a legacy for yourself. All we ask is two days of your time. Sign up, make sure you show, and don't bail with a last minute excuse of why you couldn't come and significantly alter the course of your success.

We guarantee that these two days not only will be transformational, but will open sensors inside your brain you never knew you had. Have you seen the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper, when he takes a pill and suddenly his brain's sensors go wild and he sees the world like he has never seen it before. That is how you will feel when you finally receive the Perfect Business Model. Although there is no magic pill for success, when you can manage it with statistics, numbers, and facts, it's even better because now, you and you alone are in control of your financial destiny.

What's your next step?

Step 1: Take the Predict My Success Evaluation or wait until the event.

Step 2: Sign up for one the workshops below. (No other dates will be added and people are flying all over the world for this)

Step 3: Share this page, evaluation, and workshop with others ASAP.

Step 4: If you did take the evaluation, talk to one of our Success Economics Strategists to discuss preliminary results.

Step 5: Count the days until the workshop because your life and business will never be the same, we guarantee it.

Pick one of the locations and dates below. People will be flying all over the world for this.

Vancouver, BC, May 2-3
Toronto, ON, May 4-5