Double Your Income on the Internet by Learning a Lesson From Google’s Famous Barcode Tribute

Double Your Income on the Internet by Learning a Lesson From Google’s Famous Barcode Tribute

In early October 2009, Google’s famous homepage was different. Instead of the usual word “Google” at the top of the page with each letter in a different color, there was instead a black and white barcode. There was no explanation. There was no warning beforehand. There was just this enigmatic barcode.

Tens of millions of people clicked on the barcode, which was a hyperlink, and discovered that it was Google’s tribute to the 57th anniversary of the invention of the now-famous and ubiquitous barcode.

So what? How does this teach you a lesson which will allow you to increase your income, indeed even double your income? The answer lies under the topic of Trend Marketing.

Since there were up to 100 million Google searches that day involving the word “barcode” — way way higher than on any previous day in Internet history — it is clear that the world wanted to know about barcodes because of Google’s tribute.

All you need do is come up with any way to connect what you do to a barcode and then post an article on an article-hosting website,  or else on your own blog and presto you will get some of those 100 million searches clicking on your article or blog.

Let me give you an example. I teach people how to double their income doing what they love. So, I posted this article called “Double Your Income by Learning a Lesson from Google’s Famous Barcode Tribute”. It does not matter how far-fetched is the connection, just make some connection and you will get some of that huge traffic. Of that huge traffic, some will come to your website and squeeze you their name and contact information and your database will thereby grow and you will earn a higher income, eventually double.

Another example? If you are a therapist, you could write an article “I See You As An Individual, Not A Barcode”. If you are a plumber, you could write a blog post entitled: “I Fix Leaks, Not Barcodes”. If you are an eye doctor, your blog post might be: “Can You Actually Read a Barcode?”. You see, even a fanciful connection is OK. It will attract traffic. That is the key to success on the Internet.

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