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Date: Tuesday June 5th, 2012
Time: 9am Eastern

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13 Responses to “Weekly Strategic Action Call”

  1. Thank you Raymond for another insightful strategic call.

    taking time to rate where I am has been a good exercise.
    The pre conference music was very soothing. Please what is the music called?

  2. Raymond, your information is invaluable for MY writing my very own book! I like the fact that your Strategic Action calls are presented step by step, each builing on the previous one.

    In today’s call on distinguishing myself from others by writing a book, I finally got the answer to a question that I have been asking myself for several years, “What do I know relative to what I am doing today?”

    I always came up with nothing but what I have done in the past, which did not apply to today. Then, it hit me; and everything fell into place, right on today’s call! (Teachers that I had heard in the past never specified that the book had to be what I am doing now.)

    Also, picking my target audience and the reason for giving away your books: it all finally made sense!! As a result, this was a very beneficial call for me. Thank you, Raymond!

  3. Raymond, it is hard to put today’s call in a few words, because you covered it all! The step that I was most impressed with was your move. I move twice/year (not a complete move; but it might as well be, as it never seems to end before I have to move again.) Just knowing that both places would be clean and in place, pictures hung, drapes and blinds up, and dishes in the cabinet would be restful. And for only $300!!

    That, plus having both yards done would free up many hours of worry and concern for A activities.

    Also, I have my taxes done; but that is the easy part. What would really help would be do develop a system, perhaps weekly or monthly, to categorize and take the receipts and notes to my CPA. This would take away a massive amount of work in the weeks before submitting to my accountant.

    Again, thanks for sharing valuable, albeit simple, tips with me. And here’s to eliminating my first C and B activities to make room for more A’s!

  4. Raymond, this information is amazing. What I love about it is that I have a time management system that I can use to make effective use of it. So thank YOU!

  5. Raymond, this is the best (and probably the only) information that I have ever heard on my weaknesses! I envision many people, people who understand their weaknesses and strengths, literally taking off after hearing this call.

    It makes me understand why I have chosen to follow you after hearing you the first time. I really like the importance of the statement about having a team: “So that I can be myself.” And that is exactly what I want to be!

    Thanks, Raymond, for always being there with what we need!

  6. Raymond,
    I’ve always been good at drawing/art & sales/speaking. Am doing CAD/CAM laser, CNC + other ornate wood work. some orders involve repetition, it can be gruelling gruntwork, drudgery. members of a local wood working club want engraving done -to personalize projects. since we’re all too cheap to pay anyone to work, maybe I delegate jobs in trade for art.

  7. Raymond, you have shared three basic but very important concepts, ones that we all need to keep in mind in all transactions and impressions: 1) Keep revenue and expenses in balance (I just paid off two credit card balances this week), 2) Wealthy people have debts, too, and 3) Showy expenses don’t necessarily reflect the assets of an individual.

    I am six years older than you are; and if I had continued to listen to my dad when I was 30 (I had done well until that point), my assets would be much more than they are now! His advice: “Watch those credit cards and avoid charging over what you can pay that month.” Still sound advice!

  8. Raymond,
    Your advice on how to hire is BRILLIANT and could only result in a great working environment. Working in an organization with employees who would pass your tests would be close to job nirvana. Thank you SO MUCH for teaching this.

  9. Stuart Wikander 20. Mar, 2012 at 1:48 pm

    Thanks for defining the purpose of the sole and your insightful question regarding intuition, How do you know the difference between what intuition is good or bad?.
    I hope you will share the answers you get with us.

  10. HOLLYPAUL DESRAVINES (Private investor) &) 14. Feb, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    Every time I heard you talking, I learn a new lesson. In the past, I always envy to do great thing but I always failed, because I did not have a mentor who can teach me the wisdom that you are teaching. Such as the tunnel,The transformational experience etc. You are great! And I will always put my ear on the ground to listen to you any time the opportunity appear.

  11. Thank you, Raymond Aaron, for your call this morning. Here’s what I got OUT of IT: A) a strategic heterogeneous tactic (the tactic being speaking to the local Chamber of Commerce and with the strategy of learning the kinds of local businesses I can partner later.

    B) I met Stedman Graham at your NY meeting where there was so much to learn that your brief mention of his forthcoming book on Identity brought to mind how I (like everybody else) put people in boxes.

    What that means is, as I approach others in whose box I appear –as they in turn appear in mine–with their(!) ready-made for me with “my selling agenda,” to be alerted of the differences un/subconsciously at play.

  12. Raymond, as your student and loving follower, it is hard for me to believe that you always have something new and refreshing to share, but you do! The idea that I might be living the life that someone else has chosen for me is inciteful and thought provoking, to say the least. And the chance that I heard this the first thing in my day gives me the clear-minded time to ponder this all day. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing in such a concise way.

  13. I’m sooooo excited that you’re doing a call at a time which isn’t the middle of my night! Yay!
    I’m really looking forward to this, Raymond.

    The replays are good but not as good as live!

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