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Date: Tuesday June 12th, 2012
Time: 9pm Eastern

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13 Responses to “Weekly Strategic Action Call”

  1. Raymond:
    I enjoyed your presentation. A no brainer but difficult to impliment. A transformational change is needed most definately. I have recently read several of your associate’s books, Robert T. Kiyosaki, which also points out the need to think differently. I have attended imarketing and Stedmen Gramham talked about tranformational change, thinking outside your box. I am listening, I am reading, I am thinking, I am focusing, I am making changes. I am seeing results. Thanks
    I am working on my book and I will finish 10-10-10.
    Stuart Wikander

  2. I really appreciated the valuable information that you shared of how to hire the best of the best personal assistant. This is what I call the Raymond Aaron Way of Hiring .

    The Process is simple and makes a lot of sense and for sure will try it when it comes to hiring more people in my team..

    This counts as WOW for me

  3. Raymond, I am anxious to hear the 21 steps to marketing my business in more detail. I also like the idea of STRATEGICALLY choosing my niche and understanding my niche by market research. That makes sense by getting a documented background.

    I hope you are better now. JT remarked in Dallas that you had gotten sick when he did. I am looking forward to hearing you again in person.

    All of the strategic planning calls have been very helpful. Thank you for sharing the various phases of my life that a coach will be useful. I look forward to my Raymond call every week!

  4. Thanks Raymond,that was once again a fantastic call. Les Brown’s quote is going up on my board right NOW! I am so happy I am coached by your team, and have made great progress with my strategic coach in my first month.Are the 21 marketing tips available somewhere on your website ? I would love to go through them with my coach. I love the way you so openly talk about your own lessons,it makes it easy to relate. With much joy,Kucki

  5. Fantastic Raymond, Fantastic.
    Now, your next call can be about how to FIND one of those GREAT coaches you discussed.
    I loved what you said and I am taking action and it would be nice to have that GREAT coach!

  6. Hello Raymond,

    Thanks for sending out multiple emails about your call tonight. I guess it takes that to get my attention sometimes.

    I really enjoyed the call between you, JT, and Nido about the Mega Partnering V event.

    I never knew about these kinds of events and how powerful they are. But as I listened I had to agree with what I was hearing.

    Thanks for the call,

    Kevin (Mister SelfHelp)

  7. Raymond, first of all, I would have loved to have this information when I was interviewing for a job!

    Second, the information was invaluable for hiring an assistant. I have never heard anything this detailed for hiring someone as helpful as an assistant; it doesn’t matter what the business is; it is adaptable to any. The purpose of an assistant is to be as useful as one can be to the person who has chosen you and for the growth of the company.

    You have done it again, Raymond. This is excellent material. Thank you for sharing with me.

  8. What a great call! I loved your analogy of religion as opposed to spirituality. Your examples of intuition as it applies to your own life gave me goosebumps, especially your story of meeting the person on top of the pyramid,that changed your life.
    I feel that I listen to my intuition, but like you said, there are probably many times we miss hearing it. Listening to your stories made me commit to becoming even more aware. Thank YOU!

  9. Like always, any time I listen to you I pick up some great advice and ideas.
    Your iMarketing Genius event last weekend was over and above anything I expected and totally amazing. You gave such incredible value and on top of it it was free, go figure.

    Thank you Raymond !!!

  10. Great tips about masterminding and burger buns for the blind nice one Raymond.

  11. Thank you for sharing the snippet of you speaking as a child – amazing, so articulate! You were meant to do what you’re doing. Thank you for that too.

  12. Thank you for the opportunity, Paul

  13. go aaron! thanks

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