Weekly Strategic Action Call

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Date: Tuesday June 12th, 2012
Time: Noon Eastern

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6 Responses to “Weekly Strategic Action Call”

  1. Raymond always inspires me. Thanks so much for everything you give.

  2. Another incredible stategic action call, Raymond. Very well planned, structured and delivered. Appreciate your professionalism and commitment to all of us.

  3. Raymond:
    Thanks for your lesson on health. It was very informative and useful. I recently completed reading John Robbins book, “The Food Revolution”, which parallels your comments. Your comparison to nature is easily understood and should ring a bell to all of us. Once we understand that our health and well being is the cornerstone to a successful life we possess the key. This point was also presented in Tony Robbins book, “Awaken the Giant Within”. The older I get the more I realize that everything around us is connected, cause and effect, and the ripple effect caused by one peeble in the pond of life.
    P.S. In regards to teeth, in addition to the canine teeth, humans have eight additional teeth that are no designed for grinding. Another point when considering the GI track of a human and a cow. A cow, in addition to a long GI track, has multiple stomachs.

  4. Aaron, I have always tried to be personal in my comments and teaching, but I believe a transformational experience goes a bit further. I think that is why I am so impressed with you and your lessons; you are transformational in all you do for us!

    I know that is why I get more out of going to a seminar than listening to a webinar. It is not only the flight, the hotel, the surroundings of a different city; but it is the event itself as being transformational: perhaps it is the personal touch from someone I meet while there or a story one of the speakers tells about his own life.

    As usual, this has been a good Raymond lesson – very refreshing!

  5. Thanks. I got the ‘T’ recently because the ‘L’ stood for Losing a business. Now I need to get a positive TUNNEL.

  6. Looking forward to being inspired

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