Motivation Doesn’t Work For Success

Motivation Doesn’t Work For Success

Staying motivated is an impossibility.

Motivation wears off. It’s like a shower. You cannot stay clean forever from one shower, you need to keep taking showers every day to stay clean. Similarly, you will need to keep pumping yourself up if you wish to stay motivated. It is an empty pursuit.

Fortunately, I teach my mentored students that there is a goal far more rewarding than being motivated. That loftier goal is to do only what you love. When you do what you love, you are automatically and internally motivated.

Here’s how you do that…

So, the wisdom is not to pretend you like a task you dislike by pumping yourself up with some motivational sayings or audios. Rather, the wisdom is to identify what you love and then focus your career, your income, your learning, your energy on that which you love. When you do, your income will rise sharply and you will never have to pump yourself up with motivation. You will be internally and permanently high.

Personally, I love riding my unicycle. I do not need to get motivated to ride my unicycle; I am wired motivated because I love it. I love teaching. I do not need to get motivated to teach; I come wired ready and eager to teach. I love writing bestselling books to inspire people. I love writing interesting articles. I need to motivational audios to force me to pretend that I like these activities; I really actually do love them.

So, do not seek to simply get motivated; rather, seek to do what you love. Record a goal each month to do more of what you love and less of what you do not love. When you put your creativity in that direction, you will arrive at fascinating answers that will change your life.

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