How To Attract Abundance and Prosperity

How To Attract Abundance and Prosperity

Have you ever wanted to be more successful?

Have you attempted different techniques, attended courses, read books?

Great. Those will give you great clues. But, this article will reveal the greatest secret to you about how to attract Abundance and Prosperity into your life.

You attract positive people, situations and objects into your life by intending them, by writing very powerful goals to create them, and by focusing your energies and your thoughts on them to the best of your skills.

Whether you are working with children or adults, the technique is the same — you must be congruent in your thinking, feeling and actions.

Many people think negatively and, sure enough, the Universe delivers them failure and disappointment, which proves that their negative thinking was justified. If you were to ask such people why they experience a high share of disappointments, they would be quick to explain to you how others are at fault. They would never confess that their own negativity actually creates those failures.

Most people have some positive feelings, some positive thinking and some positive actions, and they experience some positive results in their life. The majority of the world population fits into this middle of the Bell Curve. Average thoughts produce average results.

But a sacred few people have very positive feelings, thinking and actions and they are the wildly successful people of this planet. These are the effortlessly wealthy entrepreneurs, the world-famous authors, the successful sportsmen and the elected politicians.

Setting goals in a positive and powerful way — and thinking, feeling and acting positively — these are the cornerstones to success. That is your path to the prosperity and abundance you desire.

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