Your Life. 17.99% APR.

Your Life. 17.99% APR.

Debt is a plague that robs you of your life.

The Book of Proverbs says “the borrower is slave to the lender”. Shakespeare gave this advice: “neither a borrower nor a lender be”.

So how did most people in the Western World get so far into Debt Slavery?

The Plague of Debt began when banks, credit card companies, department stores, travel companies etc. realized that if they used really powerful subliminal messaging and other highly effective but suspicious means, then they could increase their sales.

They began putting faded pictures of seductive women hidden in print ads. They began scenting the air of hotels, stores & casinos with fragrances that encourage taking out your wallet and spending. Movie theaters began flashing pictures of popcorn too fast for you to see consciously.

But, there is now something powerful you can do about it to GET YOURSELF OUT OF DEBT.

You will learn how to get out of debt. Fast. Permanently. More on this new method to come. First, a bit of history…

Companies began listening more to shareholders’ greed rather than integrity and reason. Giant computer programs now analyze your behavior constantly and every time you do anything. Every service you use (like your credit cards) and every item that you buy in every store – all that information is captured, processed and sold to others who figure out the best way to market directly to you using your own information.

Tens of thousands of ads hit your subconscious every day. Not a single one of them encourages reason, caution & savings. Every one of them brilliantly displays the benefits of over-spending. And, so you spend. And, over-spend.

Every possible way is used to cajole you into doing what advertisers and merchants want. If an ad does not work, it is discarded. If an ad works, it is enhanced and bettered until it works even more powerfully – on you!

So how do you fight the flood of “get into debt messages”? By the simplest means: becoming aware of your debt level. In my upcoming articles I will spell this out in detail.

In the meantime, I’d like to hear your thoughts on the methods banks and credit cards use to get you ensnared in the debt trap? Are you glad, sad or mad about it? Comment below!

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