Raymond is one of the most exciting and sought-after speakers.  He gives great value from stage and sells like crazy.

In 2009 alone, he was the top sales speaker at practically every event he presented at:

… Armand Morin’s Big Seminar 13 Las Vegas (Silver Spoon  Award)

… Unlimited Power Online in Dubai 2009

… Matt Bacak’s Atlanta Retreat 2009

… World Internet Summit in Australia 2009

… Chris Johnson’s Free Money University 2009

His record is selling $1 million of his product in 90 minutes!

Is This The Talent & Success You Want On Your Stage When You Host A Conference?

Raymond ranked in the top 10 Affiliates during the recent Bob Proctor and Lanny Morton launch.  Further, he has done successful JVs with most of the famous Internet marketers.  The world-famous copywriter Ray Edwards is on permanent monthly retainer to ensure that everything that leaves his office is the classiest sell copy possible.

Is This The Talent & Success You Want On Your Team When You Do Your Next Product Launch or JV?

Amongst his other business credentials are:

  • NY Times Top Ten Bestselling Author of Chicken Soup For The Parents Soul
  • Author of the recent bestseller Double Your Income Doing What You Love
  • One of 40 Teachers in the world filmed for the hit movie sensation The Secret
  • Board Member of Jack Canfield’s Transformational Leadership Council
  • Founder of MonthlyMentor.com, independently rated as the world’s most powerful mentoring service, now in its 13th year
  • Founder of the interview service WealthCreatorSource.com, now in its 10th year
  • Professional speaker for 27 years, having taught in USA, Canada, Mexico, NZ, Australia, England, Ireland and Dubai
To book Raymond to wow your participants contact
Wendy at 1-905-881-8995 ext. 232