How To Improve Almost Any Health Condition

How To Improve Almost Any Health Condition

The key to health is so easy, even a Caveman knew it.

Here’s what I mean…

When you (or, at least, when your cavemen ancestors) were confronted with a life-or-death issue like an attack by a fierce carnivore, you needed to immediately activate your fight-or-flight mechanism in order to save your life. That was a good thing and it worked. It worked to save your caveman life. However… it had negative side-effects, too. But these were not as significant as the fact that you survived the incident.

The problem is: life is different today than it was back then, but your physiology is hasn’t changed all that much.

What is the fight-or-flight mechanism? It is the release of degenerative hormones: Cortisol and Adrenaline. They spur you into action. They save your life. They put you in top performance. But, alas, they also create stress. These two hormones and the related stress they cause are believed to be the leading cause of the most serious diseases like cancer, shingles, heart ailments and many others.

If the release of these hormones was so good for your cavemen ancestors, then why is it not good for you now? The reason is that the issues which cause you worry and stress today are no longer life-threatening. They may include someone angry at you, a very long red light, a nasty email, etc. Though there is no danger involved in these incidents, the body still perceives these incidents as danger and triggers the fight-or-flight mechanisms. The unused hormones in your system are the cause of the degeneration.

These unused and mostly unneeded hormones accumulate in your system and are the beginnings of the degenerative diseases you fear.

The cure of the most dreaded diseases like cancer can be traced back to curing the release of, and the consequential accumulation of, the Cortisol and Adrenaline hormones in your body. And, how is that done? The ultimate answer is:

… being calm

… playing contemplative music

… resting during the day

… getting sufficient sleep

… enjoying the occasional massage

… meditating

… having peaceful retreats in your day

… smiling

… taking deep breaths when you feel stress

… soaking in hot baths and

… other such restful practices.

So your “homework” is to pick a few of these and put them into practice. Yes, your prescription is to live a more peaceful, relaxed life. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to “How To Improve Almost Any Health Condition”

  1. I agree with your ultimate answer…

    Things do change, so does our health. As a result of a number of factors, our health becomes fragile. Stress is believed to be the major culprit, if not number one, in creating havoc in our health. Ten years ago I was diagnosed of colon cancer but refused the medical orthodox approach when doctors find something in my body – cut, chemo (or radiation), and die.

    One specialist’s question for me, “Do you have a death wish? Do you love your family? What kind of books are you reading?” And continue on by saying, “I have to document this session to prevent potential legal issues in the future.” Meanwhile, I was so calm, while the specialist was visibly agitated and almost want to push me to the surgeon’s office door next door to him, and kept grinding me to agree for a surgery. Calmly and confidently, I responded, “Not to worry Dr …, it’s my decision. You’re safe.”

    Researched the darn big C dreaded disease written by outspoken, credible clinical doctors and a few honest medical doctors who opted out of their regular medical profession.

    The question for us is, “What do we put in our body?” We hear of the saying, “What you eat is you.” I’ve also found out, and believed, that the body rebuilds itself. Knowing that the body is composed of trillions of cells (or, tissues), if you will, that due to issues in life, some become weak and negatively affect Mr. Immune System, our body’s policeman.

    Factors I have had considered focusing on at healing periods were: 1) Spiritual Factor – I believed in my Creator; 2) Emotional Factor – Have learned to control my emotions; and, 3)Lifestyle – From traditional to natural, raw diet – juicing and spinach salad (no cooked food in the next 12 months), and no meat. I used to consume 50 lbs of carrots a week. Yes, I turned jaundice for a while. However, I beat the cancer.

    To this day, my doctor can’t help to say, “You are an amazing woman!” whenever she calls me in (or she may not see me at all).

    Eat sensibly. Avoid processed foods. Relax. Maintain a positive attitude at all times. That’s happiness!

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