Appreciation Creates Balance

Appreciation Creates Balance

In life, things that are balanced seem to function better.

If your car or truck does not have enough motor oil, it does not run smoothly.

An improper mix of ingredients when preparing your favorite dish would make it not quite as tasty.

And if you are out of balance, you cannot function at your best.

That is why creating balance in your life will help you double your income.

In the English language, the word “appreciate” has dual meanings. The first is to increase in value or appreciate. The second is to express gratitude. As it relates to your finances, we often talk about things depreciating, or losing value.

In the world of finance, in order to show a profit or potential gain in something, you must increase values commensurate with, or preferably in excess of, any depreciation or loss of value. In other words, in order to gain, there must be at minimum a balance between appreciation, and depreciation.

This correlation is fairly obvious to most of us, in that we understand we need to take in more money than we spend in order to see a positive return of investment. What we do not often realize is the emotional need for balance in our lives. We deal with so many things that take away from our emotional well being that our self-esteem may suffer. We find ourselves taking mental inventory of things like our debt, our too-high mortgage rates, and so on.

These things adversely affect how we feel about ourselves, thus creating an emotional deficit or the depreciation of our self-worth. In other words, we have become our own worst critics in self-evaluation and reflection, to the point that we create emotional imbalances in how we view ourselves. We tend to dwell on who we are not, or what we have failed to accomplish.

The best way to restore balance in our emotional well-being is to offset the self-inflicted emotional depreciation with appreciation. We show gratitude for things we have, people we love and the things we accomplish. This action, this showing of gratitude is the opposite of emotional depreciation. When both elements are present in our lives, we create a more balanced emotional state, and restore a more functional order in our own self-esteem.

The balance created by having appreciation and depreciation present in our lives means that we will view ourselves in a positive light as often as we do in a negative light. Simply put, we will function better. In so doing, we are better equipped to accomplish more for ourselves than if we were operating from an imbalanced place.

When our mind is operating from a balanced emotional state, we are able to more easily accomplish the daily action steps we have set out for ourselves. We begin to use the momentum created by goal accomplishment, and are able to propel ourselves to new heights emotionally, physically and financially. This more functional balance of appreciation and depreciation can help you double your income in the long run.

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