Wealth Secrets That Change Your Life

Wealth Secrets That Change Your Life

If you want to know the key to wealth secrets, I can tell you in one simple word: Action. Wealth secrets really have nothing to do with the amount of money you are making. It’s all about doing what you love.

I met this couple that couldn’t understand why things weren’t working for them. Last year, they set a goal to get out of debt. A year later, the husband found himself in a well-paying job that he hated. He was faced with a job offer for a job that he liked but would cut his salary in half. Although he loved the job, he didn’t see how this would help them with their end goal of getting out of debt.

From my perspective, it seemed easy. All he had to do was take the biggest wealth secret of all of them. Do what you love. I asked him to tell me what he loved about his current job and his new job.

He could only come up with one thing that he loved about his current job. And to no surprise, it was the amount of money he made. The new job offer had a strong list of several things that he loved doing, but, again, it cut his income in half.

All it took was a change of perspective for him to see the most profitable wealth secret. I asked him, “What do you think will happen a year from now, if you stay at this job?” He told me that he would be depressed and quit his job. If he didn’t quit his job, he might end up having an affair because it was driving a wedge in his marriage.

Then I asked, “What do you think might happen if you took this other job?” He told me he would be happy doing what he did. In fact, he might be so happy he could see the possibility of getting a promotion, a raise, and even making more time to spend with his wife.

After that, the answer seemed simple. If he did what he loved, the wealth secrets to get out of debt would come to him naturally. Take one step in a positive direction, and everything else starts to fall in place.

It’s time to end your life of messes, weight problems, and even relationship problems. Start your new beginning by discovering what it is you love. To find out universal wealth secrets, it’s all in you. You just need to take the first steps. If you love reading, being creative, or just spending quality time with your significant other, when is the last time that you did it?

Of course you want to do more of what you love and less of what you don’t. It’s customary and habitual to think that this might be difficult to accomplish, since most of us spend so much time at our workplace and very little outside of it. Wealth secrets are simple. Take what you love and combine it with how you make money.

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3 Responses to “Wealth Secrets That Change Your Life”

  1. Dear Melissa,

    not sure where you are, and I felt the same way, powerless, useless, with no direction what so ever! even I had different circumstances, I felt lonely and hopeless. I can tell you this: come to The Ultimate Author Boot camp http://www.theultimateauthorbootcamp.com and regardless where you are, you will start your real journey in life, you will find the right purpose, and the right direction. I am one of Raymond’s students and I am, perhaps, the least successful one and , yet, I wrote few books with the 10-10-10- Program, since September 2012 Raymond launched my first TWO books and RIGHT NOW I am forging AHEAD to the finishing line with my third book, which is going to be launched in January 2013 in LA.

  2. Hi Raymond,

    Thanks for the great post. I see a lot of similarities in this example to my own life. Shortly after first hearing you speak I recognized I was working in a job I no longer liked (let alone loved) and made plans to transition out of it. It was a scary step, because I was going from a good salary, with a company who wanted to keep me around, to an uncertain future in my own business.
    Since then, I’ve not only been able to work from home so I see my kids every day, but I have the freedom to choose how to spend my time. I now focus my energies on helping others spend more of their time pursuing their passions and get great satisfaction knowing I can help make a difference for individuals, families and communities.
    Thanks for being an inspiration, and I look forward to the next time we connect.
    Best of Success,

  3. i just had a break up with my boy freind and i do not know wat to do because i live with my mom i am 36 year old

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