Living a High Income Life is a Matter of Choice

Living a High Income Life is a Matter of Choice

One of the most difficult things to do as a person is to self-evaluate. Examining our own lives is harrowing because we are sometimes too hard on ourselves when we fall short of doing something we want. Ultimately, living a high income life is a matter of choice, not chance.

If you have ever wondered what separated some wealthy individuals from some blue collar or working class people, the answer may startle you. If such a survey existed, you would find that the wealthy cross-section of subjects had a moment in their lives where they made a choice to go after or do something that would set them up financially.

That is right; wealthy people chose to do certain things that would lead to financial success. Some of the other, less affluent members of the study would show that they made a choice, or series of choices, to be in the place that they are in financially. While we would not make generalizations about one group or the other, if there were a study like this, it would probably turn out this way.

Imagine that. What would happen if average, everyday people figured out that they could change their financial standing simply by choosing to do so? Would the world suddenly be filled with overnight millionaires? Of course not. Unfortunately, many people may hear of this discovery and never take action.

That is possibly the key to this whole process. The wealthy would have chosen to be wealthy, they chose a plan of action to get to that place, and most importantly, they acted on it. They were not overly concerned with failure, because they came into this scenario having nothing to begin with.

Even for those who are affluent already, they too make choices that affect whether they remain wealthy. Truly wealthy people who have worked hard will tell you that climbing to the top of the mountain is a lot easier than staying there. With that in mind, we must remember the habits we learned that helped us to get where we are.

There are three basic components in the “choose a high income life” philosophy. Before beginning the journey of what could be, we should have formed a plan, made some long-range and short-range goals, and we should be willing to self-reflect as directed.

The first component in living a high income life is to simply choose a life of financial reward rather than accepting less. We are always able to give great advice to others, but we seem a little powerless to self-evaluate and take our own advice. Still, wealthy people choose to make things work, even when others stand in the way.

The second component in living a high income life would be choosing a course of action that moved your life toward financial success.

The last but most important step would be to move and actually get started on accomplishing the goal. Without action, no amount of goal setting, positive thinking or good intentions will give you the high income life you seek.

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