Getting Out of Debt by Walking Backwards

Getting Out of Debt by Walking Backwards

While many of us have a clear idea of where we want to go in life, we may be a bit overwhelmed by not knowing how to get there. Often we discover that the way to financial independence and getting out of debt is littered with obstacles. One way to get past a few of these roadblocks is simply to plan in reverse.

Goal setting is such an important tool in our life’s journey. By setting goals, they seemingly serve as miniature road markers on our way to where we want our lives to go. More importantly, by looking at goal setting in a different way than we may have in the past, it allows us to acknowledge goal accomplishment as an even more powerful life skill.

In other words, we have learned that simply setting goals is not enough to get where we want in life. We know we actually have to accomplish these goals and reset new ones all along the way. Goal accomplishment should bear most of our focus, not just the act of setting goals.

Now, what do we mean by walking backward? What about driving in reverse? Honestly, walking backward to get out of debt means that you take time to look back or review the goals you have set. It also means taking a look at what you have accomplished and using this information to plan future goals and accomplishments.

If you have become an expert at setting and accomplishing goals, walking backward can take you to the next level in your life. As an expert goal setter, we should have major goals set, maybe six- to twelve-month goals, and we should have smaller benchmarks set which fit inside the framework of the larger goals.

Going further, if we had a goal set to accomplish by the end of this calendar year, we should have monthly goals as benchmarks to guide us toward our year-end goal. When expressed in this way, we can grasp the concept of walking backward as just looking over the goals and mini-goals we set during the year.

Reflecting on these goals will serve many purposes. The first purpose would be to understand exactly where we are in relation to accomplishing our large goals. Another purpose would be to determine if we need to adjust our plan, or change direction completely. This is crucial in mastering goal accomplishment.

By walking backward, we are just reviewing our plan. So if we notice we are not going in the right direction, or if we have just strayed off target a bit, we are able to make adjustments and get back on target. A very important purpose that walking backward serves is giving us the ability to take time to acknowledge what we have accomplished thus far.

Let’s be honest. A strong sense of self-worth, the satisfaction of getting something done, or the self-esteem boost we get when we accomplish something is a powerful tool that we can use as we go forward. Imagine what would happen by our setting good goals, accomplishing them and getting those powerful feelings each and every time we walk backward, or review our life map.

It would undoubtedly inspire us to do even more, reach even higher, and accomplish more than we ever dreamed. So by walking backward, we can use this step as a powerful tool in getting out of debt.

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