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Dispelling a Myth That Will Help You Get Out of Debt

Dispelling a Myth That Will Help You Get Out of Debt

There are many reasons that most of us have debt. Some debts are unavoidable, like your home mortgage, or car payment. What is common are some attitudes we have about debt, and what is acceptable. Changing the way we think about carrying debt can ultimately help us get out of debt.

One of the most common myths about money and personal finance is that we can or should buy something because we deserve it. We have this false sense of entitlement in regards to our spending that causes us to create debt problems. We think that since we work really hard for something, we deserve to buy it regardless of cost.

This myth can be particularly challenging for those of us who have a tight financial balance. If you are someone who has difficulty saving but generally manages the rest of their finances well, you may buy things on credit and create unnecessary debt.

Let’s say you have been in the market for a home computer for a while. One day you notice an ad in the local paper that talks about a weekend sale on home computers. Naturally, you rush down to the store that placed the ad to check out the possible deals.

When you get to the store, you quickly see all of the great specials on home computers. You are also able to quickly identify a model that is well within your price range. This model has most of the features you want, and has all of the must-haves.

Not far away from the reasonably priced model, you spot the grand pooh-bah of home computers. This model has everything you want and need in a home computer, plus many features that you only dreamed and heard about. This computer is more than you have saved and budgeted for.

You know it costs more than you intended to spend, but since you can get it on a store credit card, you buy it anyway. Hey, you work hard; you provide for your family and acknowledged that you would need the more expensive model to accommodate your family’s usage.

You work hard, your family needs it, and therefore, you deserve this more expensive computer right? Wrong! You deserve a computer that works for your needs and that works for your budget. By getting the more expensive computer, you created more debt for yourself. You also put unnecessary pressure on yourself to work harder in order to pay for the added expense.

By convincing yourself that the more expensive unit is worth the added burden of paying for it, you have endorsed the theory that you deserve the best money can buy. What has really happened is that you allowed your desire for a new computer outweigh your sense of practical and normal spending habits

The way we should look at scenarios like this one is to recognize that any form of debt, no matter how big or small, is bad. We should also note that while we had enough money saved to buy an adequate computer, we chose to burden ourselves with the more expensive model.

We can overcome this set-back by being willing to limit our purchases on things we want and focusing on buying only what we need. By limiting our spending to things we need from those we want, we will be able to save more, which means we can eventually get out of debt.

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Four Steps to Double Your Income

Four Steps to Double Your Income

The key to double your income is a healthy and happy attitude. Have you ever wondered what makes a successful and happy person? If you double your income, will you feel good about things? There are millionaires that still live a lonely life. Then there are people that just can’t get what they want out of life, whether it is fame, fortune, jobs, or love.

Making your way in the world today doesn’t have to be hard. When you approach life feeling defeated, it is hard to know where to go. The first step to double your income is start doing what you love and accomplish the goals according to it. When you follow your true path in life, life becomes easy and harmonious.

1.    Define your goals. We all have dreams. When you do what you love, you are living your life to the fullest. What is the difference between a dream and a goal? Goals are clearly defined dreams. For example, you want to double your income. That is a lofty dream without a clearly defined plan. Define the goal. I will double my income by starting my own pet sitting business. Now, you know what you want to do.

2.    Know where you’re going. Figure out what you need to do. How much money will it take and when can you reasonably accomplish each step. For example:

a.    Take a marketing class by September ($500).
b.    Get license and insurance by October ($700).
c.    Advertise in newspaper and online ($50).

By writing your goals down and making them as specific as possible with a deadline, you will know what you need to do to accomplish your goal of doubling your income in small steps.

3.    Set your goals up for success. Eliminate all negative attitudes about why you can’t and won’t be able to do something. Don’t start your thoughts with “Someday, I’ll…”   Know when the specifics of your goal are due, and step up to the plate and do it without procrastination.

4.    Make your goals come true. It’s simple-start living the life you desire. Don’t think it, be it.

Let your old life of strife and struggle end, and start your new easy and effortless life. By changing one habit in a positive way or just accomplishing 1% of something with consistency, you are making a 100% change in your life. Every small step you make will help you accomplish your end goal.

Take immediate action, and you will see immediate gratification. With every milestone and accomplishment you make, celebrate your success. By selecting one long-term goal and setting a path for the things you can do NOW, you’ll be ready to take on the world.

So are you ready to get started and double your income? There are many other factors that will help you build a successful life, but the most important thing is to keep sight of what it is you love and set goals you can accomplish. After that, building a bigger and better life should fall in place instantly.

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2011 Ultimate Success Blueprint

2011 Ultimate Success Blueprint

The marketplace, the world, and the economy SHIFTED over the last 12 months.

Fail to acknowledge that shift – and you will lose.

But the good news is, I have already paid the high price of trial & error, testing, and employing the top experts/trainers/coaches… and I have the NEW BLUEPRINT for success in 2011!

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How To Improve Almost Any Health Condition

How To Improve Almost Any Health Condition

The key to health is so easy, even a Caveman knew it.

Here’s what I mean…

When you (or, at least, when your cavemen ancestors) were confronted with a life-or-death issue like an attack by a fierce carnivore, you needed to immediately activate your fight-or-flight mechanism in order to save your life. That was a good thing and it worked. It worked to save your caveman life. However… it had negative side-effects, too. But these were not as significant as the fact that you survived the incident.

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