Obama Peace Prize – Learning How to Make Money Using This Lesson

You can double your income as soon as you learn the lesson of this powerful world event. Let me explain …

You know that US President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in October 2009. That’s good for him and for his political career. It’s good for the world as a symbol, as an icon of breaking through barriers.

But, what lesson is there for you so that you can thrive financially? What lesson is there in this event to show you a path to double your income?

There are two lessons.

The first lesson is called “OVERCOME YOUR OBSTACLES”.

Obama had huge obstacles to overcome. Kennedy was the first Roman Catholic US President and, though it does not seem like a big obstacle these days, it was then. Bill Clinton fought against what seemed like certain impeachment. And Obama had to fight the double obstacle that firstly Hillary Clinton seemed to be the Democratic Party’s certain choice and that secondly he was black. Yet he did indeed overcome these double obstacles and succeed. His rewards? Well, he is now the President of USA; he’s the most powerful man on earth; and he is now also a Nobel Laureate. Overcome obstacles and giant success awaits you.

The second lesson falls within the realm of “TREND MARKETING”.

On the day that the announcement was made of Obama’s Peace Prize, Google logged millions of searches related to this event. So how can you profit? What you do is create some ‘bridge’ between Obama’s win and your product or service. What could you do? Well, if you are a dentist, Dr. Good-Tooth in Miami for example, you could mount a blog post on your blog that says something funny like “Dr. Good-Tooth’s Win of the Most Wonderful Miami Dentist Award Overshadows Obama’s Peace Prize Announcement”. Your blog will likely get thousands of hits that day instead of its usual number. Get the point? Use the huge traffic that the world event will create on Google searches to drive traffic to your blog post, for your own financial and entrepreneurial benefit.

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