The Four-Rung Ladder Of Wealth

The Four-Rung Ladder Of Wealth

My clients all want to have wealth.  But, when I ask what technique they are currently using to attain wealth, they have no idea.  This article will give you that overview.

The first rung is Visibility.  When you wish to attain wealth, don’t go for it.  Going for wealth will paradoxically guarantee that wealth will elude you.  Like the horizon, it will keep receding.  Wealth and happiness are the two goals that you cannot approach directly – rather, you must go elsewhere and wealth and happiness come along afterwards for free.

Do not race for wealth, rather go for visibility.  The more visibility, the closer you are to wealth.  Let me state this very strongly – as a general rule, everyone who has wealth first got visibility.  The more visibility – that means the more you are seen and the more that people know of you – the faster you move towards wealth.  You get visibility by being an author, by being on TV or radio, by writing a well-read blog, by paying for a well-placed billboard, etc.

Once you’ve attained visibility, you must ensure you have Credibility.  That means that they don’t just know of you, they also like, admire and respect you.  You first have to be known, then you need to be liked.  It’s a ladder.  You must take each rung at a time.

Strangely, you don’t have to next go up to the top rung of Wealth.  Once you have visibility and credibility, you are already at the top rung of wealth.  It’s like a Free Pass.

If you’ve been counting, you’ll know that we are already at the top and yet I’ve identified only three rungs, not four.  There is a fourth, but it is in the wrong direction.  It is in the Dark Side.  It actually goes down into the earth below the Ladder of Wealth.  It’s Invisibility.  It is at this rung that 97% of entrepreneurs are at – the great unwashed unbranded masses of unhappy entrepreneurs who work way too hard for a living.  At this level you are known by your clients and a handful of suppliers but hardly anyone else.  It means that when you want to get a new client, you need to go to total strangers, the cold market, expensive advertising, etc.

Identify the rung of the ladder you are currently at (statistically, I’d predict you are at Invisibility).  Then, do whatever you need to do to rise to the next rung, then the next.

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