The Four “A” Techniques To  Brand Yourself and Your Business

The Four “A” Techniques To Brand Yourself and Your Business

There are dozens of ways to brand yourself; let me present the most common ones.  The purpose of this article is to alert you to the different ways so that you can select the one that works best for you.  All four of them begin with the letter “A”.  After I present all four, I’ll tell you the easiest, surest, and most profound way to brand yourself.

Branding By Association is the way to brand yourself that is based on the reality that you are known by who you hang out with.   Write on paper the five people you spend the most time with, outside of your family.  Look at those five people and tell me what I would say about you based on who they are.  That’s how you actually are judged.  I spend my time with, and go on a one-week vacation with twice every year, my dearest friends who happen all to be world famous – Jack Canfield, Stephen M. R. Covey, Dr. John Gray. etc.  In my presentations, I show pictures of me with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steve Wozniak, Eric Trump, Donald Trump, Brian Mulroney (the Prime Minister of Canada) and many others.  I say this not to draw attention to myself, but rather to use myself as an example.  This is not name-dropping and it is not boasting – unless you present it that way.

Branding By Appearance happens on its own simply by how you present yourself.  Do you dress sloppily or elegantly?  Are you overweight or fit?  Do you show tattoos?  Are your shoes polished?  Have you done your colors so that your clothing matches powerfully?  In test after test, when subjects are shown photos of two different people and asked who would you trust, or who earns more, or which one would you hire, or which one would you trust – the answer is always the same.  The well-dressed, fit, smiling person gets the vote, gets the nod, gets the hire, gets the contract, gets the account.

Branding By Achievement relates only to people who have won significant awards or won medals or who have been elected to high office, etc.  Remember that this achievement must be relevant and esteemed by your prospects, not just by you.  Realtors make this error all the time by proudly exclaiming that they have attained the Chairman’s Club or the President’s Club or some other designation that means absolutely nothing to anyone but themselves.

Branding By Being an Author is the one that scares many people (“Oh I don’t know enough to write a book”) but is surprisingly easy to do and works startlingly fast and powerfully well.  In fact, because it works so well, I have chosen to help my clients get branded this way by creating a program called 10-10-10™, in which I teach you how to write a book of ten chapters of your own words, in ten hours of your own time,  and be handing it to clients or selling it in only ten weeks.

If you wish to learn about branding by being an author, simply attend one of my powerful branding experiences:

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