The Best Goal-Achievement Strategy

The Best Goal-Achievement Strategy

This article highlights the wrong way to write a goal and then teaches a brilliant new way.

I call the bad way to write a goal The Dreaded Binary Technique.  It looks like this: “I will be the top salesman in the company this month.”  What’s wrong with this goal?  I’m sure it is exactly how you would write such a goal.  Indeed, it is the way 100% of all goal-writers write their goals.  What’s wrong is that it is binary – you achieve it or you don’t achieve it.  If you achieve it, you feel good.  If you don’t achieve it, you feel bad.  Why would you want to set up a system that gives you some reasonable probability of failure and feeling bad?  The reason is that you don’t know any other technique.

Let me tell you my proven and patented technique.  It’s called The MTO™ Technique.  Instead of writing a goal in The Dreaded Binary Technique, you break every goal into three levels:

  • Minimum
  • Target
  • Outrageous

Minimum is defined as “what you can be counted on to achieve based on your past performance”.  Not on your hopes.  But on the reality of your actual past achievements.

Target is the “stretch”, that which is slightly beyond what you know you can accomplish.

Outrageous has an unusual definition: “what you know you cannot achieve”.

Now, let’s go back to the example.  Let’s say you typically sell 7 widgets a month and the top salesman usually needs to sell 13 widgets in that month.  The binary goal of desiring to be top salesman will probably end you in failure this month.  Here’s the new method of writing the goal:

I will achieve the following sales success this month:

MINIMUM           sale of 7 widgets

TARGET              sale of 9 widgets

OUTRAGEOUS    top salesman of the month

You will most likely achieve your Minimum, since that is what you typically do.  Maybe you attain 7 sales by the 22nd day of the month.  You then look at your goal and realize that you’ve only got 2 sales to go to hit your Target.  That will inspire you to go for it.  If you achieve your Target then you are even happier; nevertheless even if you hit only 7 or 8, you have still achieved your goal (at least to the Minimum) and you feel great.  If you actually achieve Target, you are elated.  And, the increased self-esteem you generate each month will soon propel you up into the Outrageous category.

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